Crazy Horse Electric Game essay

The “Crazy Horse Electric Game” could be a box office hit. This book could be a great movie because young people can relate to a lot of the situations, it has a lot of morals built in to the book, and it is overall just a great story.

One of the reasons this book will be a great movie is because it deals with a lot of issues that teenagers are dealing with today. This book talks about sports in the beginning and how parents can put a lot of pressure on their kids to be good. A lot of kids today don’t play sports because its fun, but because they would disappoint their parents if they didn’t. It also shows a kid that goes from being great at sports and being very popular to a kid that has a speech impediment and can’t walk without a cane. It shows how kids can get really down about themselves when a few things go wrong and look for the easiest way out. Like when Willie takes acid to get away from his problems.

This story has a lot of morals. It shows what drinking can do to you, like when Lacey beat his son. The consequence is now his son is brain damaged. It also shows what can happen if you are a prostitute. Angel got beat up by Lacey because of it. This book does not ever say any of these things are acceptable.

It is also just a great book. It tells the story of a kid who has it all in the beginning and in a split second looses everything he ever knew. It tells of how he had to cope with his situation and how he found his way back to what he once new. I don’t think kids see him running away as a answer to all his problems, because him leaving might have solved a few in his self-exploration but he made more problems then he solved by leaving. These three reasons are why I think this would be a really great movie!!!

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