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Essay on Rewards of Margin Investing

Buying on margin is basically buying stocks with money borrowed from your online broker or brokerage firm. The rewards are magnified and far outweigh the risk because it is a leveraged transaction (leverage is the use of borrowed money to … Continue reading

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Philosophical Statement essay

I believe that education is part of the winding journey life offers us. Consequently, as a future teacher, I think that we should offer students a knowledge that will benefit them for years to come. We, as teachers, should try … Continue reading

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Sally Morgan and Lin Onus essay

Sally Morgan and Lin Onus are two aboriginal artist who are very similar but different in many ways. These two artists present their opinion and point of view on life through their art works. Their paintings are comments on what … Continue reading

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The Meiji restoration essay

The Meiji restoration reshaped the way of Japanese living, culture and industry. Clothes, buildings, labor, speech and military were all modernized due to the adapted Western influence. The vision of hope in war was given to the neighboring Asian countries. … Continue reading

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