The Last Battle essay

The Last Battle was an O.K book it was boring a little at first then it got a little better. The book was about the battle of Berlin and how they were invaded. The Was I think a historical book, that would interest any history fanatic, but not a fantasy book liker like me. The book needed a better story line I think, but this is what I picked up in reading the book.

It is April, 1945, and Germany is close to defeat. On the Western Front General Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Allied armies have crossed the Rhine, the Reich’s last natural defense against invasion from the west. Now that victory is near, American, British, Canadian and other Allied divisions are racing for the Elbe River and beyond with Berlin as the long expected prize.

The Soviet Army attacked Berlin the last stronghold of Hitler’s Germany. The people of Berlin were petrified and hid in the mess of the bombs destruction. The people of Berlin cared only to survive at the time. Western allies claimed that Berlin was no longer a military objective and they stopped 45 miles from the city the Russians from Stalin grad moved on. In the book ordinary men and women, soldiers and civilians of Berlin fled away as Berlin was gutted, the women were raped and the men and women were terrorized by the invaders and they were driven out of there city.

In the East, millions of Soviet soldiers have swept into Germany from the Baltic states and Poland, storming into the Nazi heartland with blood and fire. Urged on by their thirst for revenge and the orders of Red dictator Joseph Stalin, the Soviet Army also races west toward the German capital. Here the dying Third Reich will stand or die in its last battle.

In conclusion the book was O.K it was a little interesting, but not much. I think the book could have been better it just went on and on. It also could have been shorter, but I wouldn’t recommend this book.

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