Choice of Major Essay

As I approached my senior year, I knew I would be faced with the realization of college and the undeniable process of choosing a job profession to ultimately study. Deciding on how I want my life to turn out to be, I thought, wouldn’t be that difficult; however, reality has set in. So, as I ponder through the empty space of ideas, I run into my child hood dream of becoming an astronaut. Unfortunately, it has been slowly erased. Now, I’m opening my eyes to obvious aspects of my life, which presumably could lead me to a smarter career choice. With a condition such as type I diabetes, a job profession other than within the medical field seems illogical. There is no reason to pursue a career in which health issues are strictly prohibited, so instead, I have decided that it would be in my best interest to have a career in which I could only benefit from. A career that will not only meet my educational goals, but also will be suitable for my lifestyle is a job profession as a nurse practitioner.

A nurse practitioner has some of the utmost authority in the medical field as well as the ability of helping someone become well. I would feel privileged to be able to have an effect on someone who is in dire need of help. Doctors receive respect from all across the world as nurse practitioners can do the same. They are the next best thing to a doctor. In addition, not only can nurse practitioners make significant differences on an individual, if I became one, I could also make a huge difference in my own life. I’ll have the advanced education concerning diabetes and hopefully learn even more on how to control my disease. News of upcoming technology and advancements will finally be at my fingertips! And finally, I believe I will feel sane with the actuality of doctors and health professionals being present if or when unexpected emergencies occur while I am on duty.

Deciding on what to major to eventually become is the simple part. Unfortunately, the rest is all books and studying. However, I know once I enter college, I’ll have to set goals for me to achieve with strict guidelines for me to follow. My educational goals during college will without a doubt be to make A’s and hopefully graduate with honors. Hard work and perseverance will help me accomplish this reachable goal. I personally know I can do it and want to show the rest of the world I can as well.

Several people now days often announce how “there’s a big need for nurses.” I think of it as I’m in need to become one. Most students are choosing their major based on their interest level, so I’ll do the same and furthermore, make the selective choice that will ultimately take me farther in life. I want to major in nursing. I want to someday become a nurse practitioner.

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