Personal Statement Essay

I have spent my four years of high school in a program for individuals who are interested in pursuing careers in mass media. As a part of that program I was selected as a “Magic Johnson Foundation Intern” and spent four weeks this past summer at UCLA with the Young Filmmakers Association. It was a very intensive program where we worked from eight in the morning until well past eleven, writing, producing, editing, and performing in four short films. There was a group of 16 young people, from various parts of the United States and the world. There were 13 young men and three young women. I was the only African-American participant. I embarked on this program with the understanding that I needed a superior education to compete. I came out knowing that Florida A&M University was the place I wanted to obtain that education.

This program, along with the classes in media I have taken throughout high school, have prepared me for a rigorous college curriculum in Mass Communications. In my opinion, Mass Communications is the heartbeat of America and the world. The events of September 11, 2001 have shown us how much we depend on the media. We also became keenly aware of the need for accurate, expeditious and conscientious reporting. I realize that in order for me to achieve my goals I have to have a solid foundation. I know that I can obtain that foundation at Florida A&M University. I am preparing to be the best in my chosen field and I know that FAMU produces the brightest and the best.

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