Essay on Personal Goals

I have serveral personal goals that I hope to have accomplished at the conclusion of my studies. It has always been a lifelong dream of mine to further my education after highschool. I always dreamed of going to college after highschool, but unforeseen circumstances prevented me from even finishing high school let alone going away to college. I also have a good career in the health insurance industry and hope to strenthen the skills I already have as well as learn more valuable skills that will make me a more marketable businesswoman. I would like to utilize those skills learned while earning my degree to further my career, so I may have the type of life I want for myself and for my family.

Higher education has always been stressedto me throughout my lifetime and I understand how important it is to have a degree, especially in today’s job market. Technology has played a awesome role over the years as far as the type of skills that employers want and need you to have. Technology also changes so fast, that even those with a degree often find themselves going back to class to learn about many new changes that have taken place. I also believe that learning is never done , even on the job,I find myself going to various training classes to learn more skills. I always wanted to obtain my degree in business to increase my chances in the job market, as well as to provide for myself and my family in a way that would be comfortable.

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