First Exposure to the Internet essay

The exposure to the Internet has become worldwide. The Net links everyone together by means of telephone lines, Ethernet connections, etc. Through this process, people are able to communicate with one another anywhere in the world. Nowadays, children have the opportunity to learn computer skills and access information within their fingertips.

In today’s society, children are very fortunate to have computers with an internet connection in their classrooms. They are capable of accessing dictionaries, libraries, and other significant websites. Furthermore, students can research current events, and read newspapers from all over the world by sitting at home. However, I wonder if these children realize what they have been given.

Finally, the Internet also provides much entertainment for today’s society. Music especially, such as mp3’s and .wav files, has become very popular to the public. They can experience the pleasure of gambling and play interactive games from the comfort of their chairs.

Next, businesses are realizing the Internet is the most powerful and cost-effective tool to utilize in today’s corporations. With the vast amounts of people that surf the internet today, any type of business can advertise their products or ideas at a simple, low cost. Large corporations such as EBay, Amazon, etc. have harnessed the influential resource that gives them strategic advantages by controlling information into essential business quality. Additionally, businesses making the changeover will prosper. However, those that are not will most likely experience the consequences.

The Internet is an abundant resource for information including entertainment, communication, and commerce. I believe it is becoming so important that the people who do not utilize this opportunity are going to be left behind in this technologically advanced world.

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