Of Mice and Men essay

What is this story Of Mice and Men all about? It is about two men who lookout for and travel with each other. The names of these two men are George and Lennie. George is the smart one who is like an older brother to Lennie and helps him out because Lennie isn’t very bright and Lennie is the big strong guy that no one in there right mind would fight with. There are many themes in this book as shown through security and comfort, loneliness and freedom.

The author will begin with, security and comfort. Lennie felt very safe with George because they were so close and George looked out for him. George felt safe with Lennie because he knew Lennie was big enough to protect him in case anything bad would happen. Candy felt safe with his dog because he’s had him since he was a pup.

Subsequently another theme of Mice and Men is loneliness. Crooks was very lonely because he is the only black man and he is not allowed in the same room with the other men. Candy suffers from loneliness because he lost his only friend, his dog. Curley’s wife was also very lonely; she wasn’t allowed to talk to anyone but Curley.

Furthermore, freedom is the last theme. George felt free after he shot Lennie because he didn’t have to lookout for him anymore. Curley’s wife wanted to be free from Curley because he was always pestering her. And Crooks longed to be free from his past.

In conclusion, the three themes of this book were, security and comfort, loneliness, and freedom. Security and Comfort was chosen because of how different characters felt safe with other characters. Loneliness was chosen because of how the characters we constantly lonely. And lastly freedom because of how all the characters wanted to be free from something.

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