An Inside Job documentary

The film documentary delves into the role of what is conventionally referred by the American public media as the “Wall Street Government” in the premeditated instigation of the financial crisis in 2007-2008 by the capitalist tycoons for their own egocentric financial interests. “An inside Job” documentary revisits the reminiscence some of the darkest moments of the United States history whereby the lives of the populist American citizens were dictated by a few groups of the political elitist class of the society. These bitter memories include the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, which is no doubt squarely blamed on the Confederate politicians’ diabolic determination to hold on to their slaves’ generated wealth at whatever cost. A similar elitist promulgated political coup is also debatable attributed to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy at the height of the US foreign policy dilemma exacerbated by the Vietnam War conflict. The ensuing covert escalation of the Vietnam War after the Kennedy’s obstacle was cleared did not come as a surprise to the Americans under vice president B. F. Johnson’s administration.

“Inside Job” documentary thus furthers the argument of the illusionary empiricism of the US populist democracy and instead illustrates the feudalist manipulation of the American economy by the societal elitist class akin to the political coups witnessed during the civil war and the Vietnam War era.

The role of the elitist political and economic class in the nosedive of the global economy in 2007-2008 is not exclusively explicit in the financial meddling by the American’s and European financial moguls. Rather, it mimics other corrupt deal by the capitalist investors to reap astronomical profit from their investment in complete violation of professional and regulatory ethics. This is evident in policy legislation acrimonies such as the stalemate in the US health care reforms attributed for the lagging behind of US in terms of the health wellbeing of its citizens amongst the developed countries. For instance, Congressional acrimony in the enactment of a comprehensive single-payer health care system is partly attributed to the lobbying of the private health care providers significantly from the health care insurance providers against the enactment of the United States National Health Care Act. The private health insurance providers are also established as chief campaign finances of the politicians who hold a sympathetic position about deregulation.

“An Inside Job” documentary continues with the theme of the elitist engineered economic plight of the populist Americans by initially highlighting the names and evils attributed to the 2007-2008 financial crises. Amongst the elitist names mentioned include some of the prominent European and American financial investment moguls such as Lehman Brothers, the JPMorgan Chase, AIG, Standard & Poors and Citigroup amongst other financial investors. The government deregulation policy after the 1980s is attributed to the anarchist-capitalist fraudulence and corruption of these financial investments, which include the internet stock bubble, securitization and collateral debt obligations (CDOS).

The elitist position of these financial investors is evident their deregulatory protection through Congressional enacted legislations such as the Commodity futures modernization Act of 2000.

Deregulation of the economy and the ensuing anarchist-capitalist fraudulence and corruption is then attributed to an up to$124 billion budget deficit funded using the American’s tax money to bail out banks and other financial investment from savings and loan crisis immediately after deregulation in the 1980s. This figure rose to $700 billion during the 2007-2008 financial crises. Despite these evils, these financial elitists were appointed to the Obama cabinet, which demonstrated their elitist privilege to sway the American economy with the protection of the Capitol Hill government. This raises the unanswered question about who is really in charge of the government: the populist elected president or the “Wall Street” financial godfathers.

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