Role Play Assignment Character Eli stands alone

I see you are building a dam; this is my mother’s house. Why do you want to tear it down yet she built it log by log? Am against the building of this dam, and the man-made lake, on the reservoir of Blackfoot in Blossom.

This is oppression against the natives land rights and customs. Building of the dam will interfere with the natural course of the waterway. My mother’s house has been here since the 18th century, and nothing can convince me that it should be brought down, just because of a dam brought in by outsiders.

The company is lying to us natives, that the dam will serve as economic benefit. They have recently published story in the local newspaper claiming that the dam will make us have a chance of making a profit of more than two million dollars, and the changing of the name to grand goose because of the promise they have made to us. These are whole white lies they are just trying to trick us into going along with their deviant plans. The building of this dam will make most of us landless, making us have little power and say in the region’s issues. Hiring of Crosby Johns and Sons Inc. just proves how much their deviant plans, and they aim to spread propaganda and feed our people with lies and deceit.

The recent cracks in the basin of the dam are a clear indication of what the future holds for us with this dam around. The rumors of the earth slipping under its surface and the possibility of fault lines being underneath the construction site poses risk to our futures. The depletion of river fish which is one, of the stable food of our people, and the likelihood of depletion of the environment, no floods, no nutrients and no cottonwoods. The dam possesses a risk to the water natural cycles. The future is dim for our children and the next generation with this dam around.

The company has tried to persuade me into signing the Meech lake accord, but I have long refused this because this land belonged to our great grandparents, it is part of my identity and strangers have no right to own it. Giving away our land will only make us alienated. Their main aim is to change our culture and wipe us out one by one so that they can take over our land.

I will fight this war even if am alone because I believe it is in accordance with the true spirit of free enterprise. The stakes are high against me, as the company has vast resources and power at their disposal and it is just a matter of time, till they find a way of building the dam even without my approval.

The foreigners’ invasion in our country is risky as they have started introducing their own animals and plants in our land. They are spreading words around that our livestock’s and plants are of low quality and people should adopt theirs. This is one of their tactics to eradicate our lifestyle and dominate over us. I turned away from my culture, and tried living like the foreigners’ but I later realized that our culture is richer than theirs and is worth protecting.

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