Response Essay to Tornado Article

Response to tornado article in New York Times

Dear editor,
I am 16 and would like to respond to yesterday’s article ‘‘Vast Oklahoma Tornado kills at least 91’’.I feel that the government is not doing enough to prepare citizens against tornadoes. If disaster preparedness is not put in place, EF5 tornadoes will destroy more businesses. This has had many businesses on their knees. I feel that for economic growth, this issue has to be addressed promptly because reversing the effects of these damages is almost unattainable.

Government should fund scientist to come up with solutions to these problem which has for long increased number of its casualties.

Given that this is a common occurrence in the Moore area, the government should put in measures to ensure that warnings are voiced early enough to warn residents of imminent danger, through use of IDV solutions for tornado visualization, and also teach residents safety measures if they are caught up in a tornado. This will help save businesses when tornadoes strike and preserve the economy.

Yours sincerely

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