Essay on Martians

The most important event in the part was the landing of Martians and later the way Martians treated earth people. They didn’t pay any attention to their friendly gestures, interest and tolerance, but they only acted as cruel killers. Starting the novel Herbert Wells mentions that even though people think they are quite advanced there will be always someone who is more powerfully and mighty and what is more dangerous who has more ambitions and tyranic.

The landing of Martians caused the whole course of events that were described later in the novel, showing the way the war developed. And already in the beginning of the book we understand the all technological and scientific innovations of earth people are worth nothing against the power of space aliens. Actually the beginning of the book has a lot of different meanings that go over the borders of the books plot. In the weakness of earth people, their inability to resist the space monsters he showed the crisis of modern society, alienation and isolation of people who represented different social groups. The image of Martians was also a collective one and could be referred to the colonial ambitions of Victorian England in Africa and militarization of German state.

The major social beliefs and values of people were the main reasons that caused the destruction of the city. As earth people learnt to rely only on their own, act independently and be indifferent to someone else problems, so as a result when they faced the danger which was unavoidable and one which was impossible for being overcome they began to panic. As they used to live independently from each other, and as the nature of their relations was simply consumptive and materialist, they were not spiritually united and didn’t feel any kind of unity or of being a community and that’s why the were unable to resist altogether to the danger and chose the tactic of chaotic escaping and hiding from Martians. The events that are described in the book make us understand that modern society is often indifferent and alienated from the inside, and it causes the major problem in the case of unpredictable or unforeseen situations. In such cases the struggle against enemy will fail anyway and all the attempts of resistance are unsuccessful.

Not surprising that in the time of chaos and coming apocalypses to the civilization, the nature rebels against the invaders. The end of the novel when the monsters were defeated by earth viruses and bacteria as they died from human illnesses shows the justice made by super powers (Nature or God). Martians, who lacked immunity, began to die from simple human illnesses. This allegory is very powerful as it describes the collapsing nature of any kind of tyranny. The power based only on fear and the strength of weapons, armor and oppression destroys from inside, as the nature and common sense simply rebels against its core. The same happened to Martians, they had a more powerful intelligence, they were military stronger, advanced, didn’t have any emotions and feeling, in fact were the perfect killers, but the lack of information about earth inhabitants resulted their failure.

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