Why I Want to Fly essay

Why I Want to Fly
The path of the present that heads towards the future remains interlaced with and travels through the landscapes of the past. As I prepare for the next stage in my military career, I have been pulled back towards what has led to this moment constructed of moments, the interactions between them, and how they have created and continue to create the stage of action and reflection. I look at my past with sheer pride and am determined to become an even prouder helicopter pilot.

The way that has led me to this application is certainly unique. A brief examination of my application reveals a clear path of excellence. Moving along parallel endeavors in aviation, science and the military, I have always proved myself as a dedicated, thorough and competitive team player.

My most intensive encounter with the exciting world of aviation took place in ROTC. As a rather young student with interests running the gamut of natural sciences, taking the first steps into flying and the life of a pilot has left a tremendous impact on me. This experience also shaped my performance in my biology studies in college, where I developed both professional and personal qualities. Indeed, the heads-up approach, attention to detail, healthy competitiveness and a constant strive to improvement are among my main strengths.

I eventually received my laboratory certification from American Medical Technologists and embarked on a military career. After more than four years in service and a recent promotion to the rank of Sergeant, I return to a quote by a former ROTC instructor– “I have been trying to decide if you were flying scientist or a scientific pilot; I think the latter, and if you ultimately choose to become a pilot, this will serve you well.”

Throughout my prolific career as a medical laboratory specialist, which has been both highly challenging and rewarding, I kept contemplating on my instructor’s advice. I diligently led people, tasks and processes, received top-notch evaluations from my superiors and peers and took great pride in my progress. By the same time, however, I carried on contemplating on the prospect of becoming a helicopter pilot. Being an autodidact, I gained well-rounded knowledge of the theory and practice of military aviation within the different operating schemes.

Needless to say that my passion for aviation in general and for helicopter flight in particular intertwine with a broader array of skills. I posses a comprehensive understanding of human, systems and the interactions among them towards achieving a goal. This was clearly demonstrated in my work as a medical laboratory specialist, where my operational managerial roles called demanded a fine-tuned and nevertheless flexible working manner in a complex and dynamic environment.

I truly appreciate the opportunities given to me by the army so far and look forward for the next phase of my prolific career. As a helicopter pilot, a WO and a proud member of the armed forces, I will continue to give my very best and beyond for my peers, family and fellow citizens.

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