Loyola College essay

Nowadays, it is extremely important for each individual to preserve basic human values and develop essential knowledge, skills and abilities that will help him/her to live and achieve success in the contemporary world. In this respect, Loyola College in Maryland may be viewed as one of such educational institutions which prepare the students to the life in the modern world and, at the same time, the entire educational process is based on traditional Christian values.

In fact, at first glance it seems practically impossible that a Jesuit, Catholic university such as Loyola College can provide its students with the contemporary education. Traditionally, it is believed that such educational institutions are too focused on the religious aspects of education and often are unable to view the development of a personality of student from the modern point of view. However, Loyola College is really different in this regard.

To put it more precisely, Loyola College has managed to overcome traditional Jesuit biases and its educators have a unique approach to education. In fact, it is a combination of Christian values and moral with the necessity to develop active and independent personality. It should be said that educators of Loyola Collage do not impose their opinion to their students, instead, they attempt to guide them in the educational process and, what is probably even more important, they attempt to present them traditional Christian values in the modern context. In such a way, the seemingly rigid Christian traditions are perceived as really universal humanistic values.

Speaking about the values of Loyola College, it should be pointed out that the education is based on quite liberal principles. This means that students are active participants of the educational process. In actuality, they do not perceive some hidden truths from educators, instead, they find and understand them on their own while educators only assist them in this process.

In general, the ultimate goal of the education in Loyola College is the formation of a well-developed, harmonious, and humanistic personality, which is free of prejudices and, at the same time, is a convinced adept of basic humanistic values. In this respect, it should be said that such concepts as tolerance, equality, freedom, human rights, supportiveness, and many others are not just a well-decorated concepts but, in actuality, they are really meaningful for the students of Loyola College.

Obviously, such education is very perspective since it is deprived of traditional Jesuit biases but, at the same time, it prepares students for highly moral life. In fact, in this college students learn what it really means to be human, while other educational institutions are mainly focused on the purely academic development of students without any regard to their moral and humanistic development.

Thus, taking into account all above mentioned, it is possible to conclude that Loyola College in Maryland is an original, if not to say unique, educational institution which provides its students with education of the highest quality and combines basic humanistic values with the preparation of students to the life and work in the modern society.

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