Essay on My Work

1. Basically, I used to do hotel work but at the present I attempt to focus on finance job. This is why I decided to accomplish my education and find a new job. At the same time, I think my experience of the hotel work was very helpful for me since I acquired very important skills and practice, especially taking into consideration that my job was closely related to finance since I finished my work in the hotel the accounting department.

However, I should say that at the beginning work I basically focused on the supply of the restaurant belonging to the hotel with fresh sea-products. So I had to deal with suppliers to maintain the stable and effective work of our supply chain. It was very important because the restaurant was specialized on sea-food and it was necessary to maintain the supply and high quality of the products to satisfy customers.

2. Speaking about the financial analysis I perform more frequently, I should say that I was basically focused on the analysis of the profitability, especially when I provided the supply of products to the hotel’s restaurant. On analyzing the income and being given access to the income statement of the company and my department I could analyze the profitability of my department taking into consideration the operations run by the department and their financial effects. In such a way, I was able to make the analysis of the profitability of my department, though I should say that it was mainly a short-term analysis which was not expected to be used in a long-run. Nevertheless, it was still quite useful experience for me.

3. Recently I have been, as a member of accounting department, I was involved in the analysis of another hotel market position since this hotel was viewed as a potential partner of the hotel I worked at and it was going to merge with this hotel. It should be said that my company basically used positive accounting this is why I got a chance to participate in the analysis of the position of our potential partner. In fact, I conducted the SWOT analysis and assessed major strengths and weaknesses of this company on the basis of the analysis of existing internal factors, and also I conducted external analysis of potential threats and opportunities. As a result, it was possible to evaluate the current situation in the company and assess perspectives of our company with it.

4. The presentation of my analysis I think was also of a paramount importance because I viewed as a chance to demonstrate my skills and my successes in my work and, especially, in my analytical efforts. To present the material effectively, I created tables where my major findings were presented. I attempted to present the material in laconic but eloquent way. To put it more precisely, I divided all the material into four boxes constituting four tables. Each table contained respectively weaknesses, strengths, threats and opportunities which I found in the result of my analysis. In addition I accomplished my presentation with the orally presented information and my conclusions concerning the position of the company, though, if I had an opportunity, I would also create my presentation in electronic form.

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