Margaritaville essay

When we are young we all, I think, have this perfect image of family life. Being little girls we often imagine baking cakes, preparing supper for the family, taking Christmas pictures of all the family members wearing the same style sweaters, and so on. We imagine our future lives to be full of joy and happiness because we are taught that children are those who bring this joy and happiness. It fact, they really do, though in reality at some point in your family life you feel that even though you have a kid or more you still experience neither happiness nor joy. Dreaming about family life, we never imagine how hard and exhausting it can be, however having faced this life we find out what the family life is all about.

This paper is not meant to be an essay against having kids, neither is it meant to describe all the hardships of the family life, agitating the readers to stay single or live in a civil marriage. The principal task of this essay is simply to point out how important it is for the partners, when having kids, spend some time together – alone. Lower I would like to explain the above statement using my personal example as a wife and mother.

When I was little, I, like all the other girls, dreamed about a charming husband, and a lot of babies who would be absolute angels. I thought my children would eat excellently and fall asleep after two rocks in my arms. I also thought they would sleep all through the night the first day we would get out of the hospital. Yes, my four children are real angels for me, though being their mother, though rewarding, is very challenging at times.

Both my husband and I work full time, in addition to that I am taking classes in school. Sometimes it seems that my life consist of constant running, rushing, being overwhelmed, and not getting enough sleep. Our kids are of all the different ages, thus they go to four different schools. Of course, bringing them to and picking them up from school cannot be done without stress and rush. Moreover, my children are very active, they are in sports, and at times two of them have games on the same day on different fields. I am trying to ripen everywhere, though it is simply impossible. I cannot stand to disappoint my kids, though I simply cannot be at couple of places at the same time. Having four kids, I also have to deal with sibling quarrels at home, as well as I have to take care of the messes of four kids, their laundry, and so on. Saying all this I am not complaining, I am just describing my daily routine that every mother has to deal with.

My husband and I have always been very close, though it is natural that with four children my husband and I have very little time together. Though, this time together is essential to keep a happy and healthy relationship that is vital for keeping the family. The only way out of this situation for me personally, and for all the mommies out there, is to strive but manage to have at least one vacation with their husbands alone. We simply need this vacation to reconnect with our second halves, to love and be loved, to relax and to simply save up some energy and enthusiasm for the long months of working-studying-cleaning-cooking at home to come.

I do not think that craving for a vacation is refusing to take up responsibility, or proclaiming that children are annoying and tiring. Yes, they maybe be from time to time are, but with all their messiness, annoyance, troublesome they are the people that are dearly loved by all the parents. Going on vacation without children is indeed escaping from the burden life, though not with an intention to forget about children, but with an intention to re-energize, relax, get closer with your partner, and then come back to the children, being happy to take up all the responsibilities they are to offer you. So those reading this, if married with children, do not hesitate to go on vacation and have a few margaritas on the beach with only the ocean and no kids screaming, and believe me this will only benefit both you and your family.

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