Essay on Education

Most people believe that higher education is important: it offers a better prospective, allows the person to achieve more in life, broadens the outlook and stimulates creative thinking based on the academic knowledge.

Aristotle shared great wisdom with the future generations saying that the fate of empires depends on the education of youth. My own conviction is that the overall success of the generation depends on the level of its education, and my generation is no exception.

Adult life requests making some responsible choices about the future. One of the most important ones is choosing a field of studies that would further shape the professional life of the individual. I have decided to pursue a degree in chemistry, making my favorite subject the basis of my future career.

Choosing a proper educational institution is of no less importance for the successful future than choosing the specialization itself. I would be honored to become a part of the academic elite of the George Washington University. Three main parameters influenced my decision to apply: the University’s good name, the experience of my relative and my own perception of the institution based on a recent experience.

I have always been interested in science: from the early curiosity-based experiences of the childhood to the grown-up interest in chemistry, my love for scientific experiments and discoveries is boundless. There is something extremely challenging in the secrets of the nature and I would love these secrets to be revealed for the benefit of the humanity.

The George Washington University is reckoned for its educational program, which it is rumored to be one of the best in the country. The favorable reviews of the University’s alumni and their professional achievements offer the best recommendations for the quality of education of this academic institution.

Another value for me is the multicultural environment of the George Washington University: as an international student, I would like to share the diversity the University offers.

My best reference for applying to the George Washington University is my step sister who already pursues a degree in the international studies. Her personal experience and achievements, the way she praises the studies and the professors and the university’s unique friendly environment inspired me to apply. She always speaks highly of the university life and shows good results in academic disciplines. I hope one day she will be as proud of me as I am of her now.

I owe my personal positive experience with the George Washington University to my step sister as well. Recently I have enjoyed a trip to the university campus where my sister showed me around. I loved the atmosphere and the people who made it real. All this helped me make up my mind about the future.

I would be honored to have the George Washington University as my Alma Mater. I hope this choice will bring great outcome to both my own life and career and to the university’s academic results.

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