Schindler’s List essay

“I don’t think any one film is ever going to change anything. I don’t think any one newspaper article ever changes anything. But over a period of years, the drip, drip, drip of a lot of gook movies, a lot of good articles…all this is very, very, very important. The effect of that drip, drip, drip the daily diet of views and ideas that adhere to and promote what is best in society, that has an effect. Not one movie, not one article, not one building, but just that fact that all of us buckle down and try to do better and beter.” The movie Schindler’s List is a movie that is used to make people really think about what is right and what is wrong, specifically the Nazi treatement of the Jews.

Throughout Schindler’s List power scenes and images are used to capture how atrosic the treatment of the Jews really was. The movie helps people to get a view back in history and decide how they truly feel on the subject. It is Steven Speilburgs affective plot, content, imagery and film making skills that makes Schindler’s List a movie that adds to constant drip, drip, drip of a viewpoint. The plot of the movie is very affective in displaying the severe treatment that the Jews experienced from the Nazis.

The movie begins with Oskar Schindler getting on the good side of Nazi officers so that he will be able to obtain Jews to work for him without a problem. After Schindler obtains the Jews to work for him the movie really begins to focus on the horrible treatment towards the Jews. A scene that really stands out and shows a moment of realization for Schindler is when the Jews are stripped from their homes in the ghettos. This is a point in the movie where for the first time Schindler begins to see the hardships that the Jewish people have to face. The movie continues on to show many of the experiences of the Jews.

After the Jews were stripped from their homes in the ghetto they were moved to the concentration camp where Ghert had control of the Jews. Spielberg is able to use Ghert to show the extreme hatred that some of the Nazis had toward Jews. With Ghert’s numerous random killings, Spielberg makes it evident that the Jews were being exterminated by the Nazis. The terrible treatement and the killing of the Jews really helps to build the plot of this movie. Schindler witnesses this horrible treatment and the random killing of the Jews. This lets us the viewer get an idea of why Schindler decides to help the Jews.

In the last past of the movie it focuses on Schindler trying to save Jewish lives by buying Jews to work in a factory where he is able to manipulate the Nazi soldiers to not treat the Jews poorly. For the viewer to see that Schindler begins to gain sypothy for the Jews after he witnesses their treatment is essential to the plot because this helps them to see it from a perspective of Schindler and helps them to understand his feelings, more importantly what kind of person that Schindler is. The viewer gets a much better perspective on why Schindler risks his live and spends all of his money in order to save the Jews.

The use of plot by Spielberg plays an affective role throughout the movie. Another element that can be seen throughout the movie is the use of imagery. Spielberg does a great job on showing what was happening to the Jews. The viewer can feel as if they were in the movie where terrible things were happening. Effective imagery is used when a few of the Jews were shot in the head by Nazi soldiers. The people being shot had obviously done nothing wrong. For instance, the woman who told Ghert that the fondation needed to be repoured. She was just doing her job and she was shot in the head.

After she falls to the ground you can see the blood flowing out of her head onto the ground. This imagery is used multiple times throughout the movie when other Jews are shot in the head. Imagery was continued to be used in the movie when the Jewish corpsases were being disposed of. This is seen a number of times throughout the movie. One time is when Schindler gets out of jail and ashes are coming down from the sky. The ashes were from the thousands of Jewish bodies were being burned in the incinerary.

Jewish corpsases were also burried by the hundreds and there were also open burning pits where Jewish bodies were being dropped into the fire by convayor belts. The burning of the bodies was definately an effective use of imagery. The little girl that had the red jacket was the only color used in this film and she was a source of imagery. The girl stood out from all of the other Jewish people when they were being taken from their homes in the ghettos. She wondered around innocently, not really paying attention to what was going on around her. She was afraid of what was happening so she made her way unnoticed into an apartment where she was able to hide underneath a bed.

This little girl was used as imagery to symbolize innosence. The red jacket she wore made her stand out so the viewer was really able to notice her. The fact that the girl was so young and so afraid is what symbolized her true innocense. This was another way Spielberg used imagery in the movie. Schindler’s List is a movie that has a great impact on the viewers that see it. They are able to see the bad experiences that the Jewish community had to face with the Nazis. Schindler’s List is an example of one of those movies that does not change people’s views, but with the drip, drip, drip of movies like this will truly begin to change people’s views.

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