The Meaning of Life essay

The meaning of life has many different connotations depending what your beliefs are. There are two main views on the meaning of life, a religious view, and a non-religious view. Even within these two groups there are many subtle differences. In this response Christianity will be compared to Materialism. Christians believe we are created in the image of God and that we have a responsibility to care for people and our environment. However a materialistic person believes that relationships are not important in themselves so long as you have a good time. The environment is viewed as a vast resource to be used and abused if necessary. Preservation and conservation would not be perceived as an important issue. Christians try to live their life following Jesus’ example they promote love justice and truth.

Materialists would accept that the means justify the end, and that winning is more important than justice. Love is seen as a physical reality. It is the aim of Christians to become more like God and to reach their full potential, which includes spiritual development. Spirituality is strongly rejected by Materialists, and they view a successful life as having succeeded financially and becoming a winner. Finally God is seen as the main way to achieve human happiness and fulfilment by Christians. Materialists also wish to achieve happiness but often do so expense of others. They reject the need for a God, as their God is pleasure, profit and success.

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