Prophet Mohammad essay

No religion in the world has been misinterpreted like Islam. And no prophet has been attacked like Mohammad. Many believe that Mohammad is the author of the Qur’an.

They accuse him of being mad, a magician, a liar and a carnalist. In this essay I am going to emphasize on one subject which is the polygamy of Mohammed and the accusation of being a carnalist.

First, I want to describe the social background concerning marriage in Arabia in the 6th century. Arabs used to marry at an early stage. Men usually married at the age of sixteen to eighteen. There was no consideration to the wealth. The poor and the rich used to marry at this age. Another thing is the polygamy. An Arab used to have up to 12 wives. Polygamy was popular in Arabia.

Well, the surprising thing is that Mohammad married at the age of 25.If he were an erotic guy, he would have married much earlier. A carnalist can not wait that long.(25 was considered a late age to marry).

Another point is that a carnal guy would like to marry young women or teenage girls. Mohammad married his first wife and she was 40.She was not even a virgin because she had an early marriage before.

Psychologically speaking, this contradicts the notion of carnality .Carnalists like virgins and this is a fact. Mohammed had all his children from Khadija, his first wife. And during her lifetime, he did not marry anyone else although he could because this was the fashion in those days, to marry more than ten wives. Surprisingly, he did not do so.

After her death, he did marry. He married many women. However out of all his wives only Aisha was virgin. Also among his wives there were very old women. For example, Um Salama. He did marry her and others because he wanted to honor them. He did not want sex. Almost all of them were widows. Also what is interesting is that he had not any children from them except one child Ibrahim who died in an early age. So he was sexually capable of having children. Out of thirteen wives he just had one child. While he had six from Khadija. Thirteen wives and just one child. This implies that he was not indulges in sex.

Some people would say ok, maybe he was not a carnalist. But he is definitely a polygamist. And they find it difficult to understand .Well if you go back to the lives of prophets you would find that almost all of them were polygamists. Abraham had two well known wives Sarah and Hagar. Jacob had four wives. (Lia, Rachel, and two others) Joseph’s mother was not the same mother of Ruben (Joseph brother) for example. David had hundred women, Solomon had a thousand. Thirteen is nothing compared to a thousand! All of them were great prophets and messengers of God. None of them were lecherous. All of them wanted to deliver the message of God .

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