Wall Framing essay

Wall framing looks hard on a plan. It’s really not that hard. It’s pretty simple and you may come up on difficulties but it can be done well. The metal wall me and my group put up was mainly easy and we did make little mistakes that we fixed. We started making our bottom and top plate that were already precut for us. We started cutting our studs. We did some math to find how many studs we needed. After we cut our studs we put them together with the plates. We had problems with this. When we first put all of them together I realized that the studs were not all the way flat with the plates. It took time off our work but we needed to do it, so we started doing it again. Once we put everything together and all the studs were flat and flush we put it on our house. We screwed two screws between every stud into the plywood so it could hold. We had someone hold it just in case it tipped over. Then we butted it in with our other walls. We made a mistake here also. The cap plates were too short. The reason for this was the screws we used to hold the plates and studs together had about a 1/8″ to 1/4″ head.

We cut longer cap plates so it could be flush with the metal wall. Then since the screws were sticking out so much, the whole wall sticking out about 1/4″. So we tried our best to make the wall flush as possible to the sub floor. After everything was secured we started putting the wood cap plate on the metal wall. It was perfect and we screwed the cap plate to the metal wall. We screwed two screws in every metal stud so it can be strong and hold. We checked everything to see if we had any more problems and to see if we had everything required. We basically did every wooden wall the same way and it ended up really great and looks well.

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