The Power of Computers essay

Have you ever thought about a computer and why they are everywhere? Computers run the world and that is the exact reason they are everywhere in the world. They are needed for everyday tasks and sometimes every second tasks. Most of the time, they are used to help out, but sometimes certain people take advantage of computers and use them to mess things up on other computers and systems. Take a simple E-mail virus for instance. When the email is opened and the attachment(virus) is downloaded by the user, the virus executes itself to wherever the coding is written to, and it performs the specific task that was coded. Then the virus could destroy the computer’s hard drive. This is why computers are one of the most powerful things known to man.

Computers are used in every type of way that one could think. The most common way computers are used is for home or personal use. This is how people make up their “email bombs” to send out to millions of people across the world. Now people are getting smarter and not opening any E-mails from people they do not know. When the E-mail is opened and downloaded, it creates a major problem for the user depending on what type of E-mail bomb it is. It is very dangerous in the world today because personal computers can do a lot of damage to company networks, even the government. People hack into company networks and crack passwords just for fun. It is really scary to think that someone can hack into your personal computer and get all of your information.

Vehicle engines are also computers. The engine of a vehicle is basically one big computer chip that is programmed to run the way it does. If something goes wrong with any part of the engine, the computer will tell you by flashing the appropriate message behind the steering wheel. If there were no vehicles in the world, transportation would be very bad because even today with vehicles, we still have people without a proper means of transportation. People would not be able to fly across country, go to work, or see loved ones in a different state or country. Computers are what power these vehicles and therefore prove to be a powerful thing.

The government has satellites moving millions of miles above our heads in space. This is the work of computers. It is incredible to think that a simple computer signal or radio signal can capture the location of someone as easy as it does. Someone in New York could be walking down the street and a satellite from millions of miles away can produce a perfect image of the person walking down the street.

That is one of the most incredible things ever heard of. It is very weird to think that the government could be spying on someone’s every move. That is a very creepy thought. The government harbors the most sophisticated computers ever known to man. They are far more advanced than one’s imagination could ever ponder. And to think that a computer could run the world is not a thought too far of the mark.

That is why computers are one of the most powerful things known to man. If computers did not exist, the world would be at a giant loss because almost everything in today’s world is run by some type of computer generated material. But since a computer is programmed by man, man is the most powerful thing known to man. There is no question about that. Although computers are programmed by man, we wonder if they have a mind of their own sometimes because of some of the crazy things they do by themselves.

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