Why Do We Admire People essay

Some one once asked me “why do we take time out of life to admire people.” I think the answer to that one would be we admire people because of their cash, lives, lucsirious items, and other things. Well as you will learn that answer is completley wrong. Ask anybody one out of five kids in America say that they admire famous celebrities. The other four say it is someone they know personally.

Most of the people who do not have such a great life and admire famous people have parents who were not so great to them, and did not really care what kind of activities did in their spare time. Parents like this, should be punished because things like that stay with a kid for the rest of their lives, and it reflects on to the kids in their parenting hood.

On the other hand, the people who did have good parents admired their parents. Some for their patience, for their uncondiotional love, and other things. The parents who work two jobs and come home cook a good hot meal are the ones who make a difference. Not the ones who come home sit on the couch, and complain and say they need a drink. What do those parents do for you, in a situation like that they kid is practically raising itself.

So this should tell most of you the way to get someone to admire you is not for what you have, but what you do to make a difference in that person’s life. Those are the things that will last forever. The answer to why do we admire people is because of things they do for us emtionally, not just physically.

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