The Priorities in My Life essay

Everyone has priorities in their lives, whether it is a little girl that can not wait to be the first female president or a drunkard trying to decide what shot he is going to take next. Life has thrown many curve balls at me. And for an 18 year old girl, priorities have come and gone for me.

When I was little all I could think about for my future was to be rich. I just wanted cold hard cash-nothing else. I come from a middle class home and although my parents tried to give me everything they could, it just was not enough. I had big plans on easy ways to get the money. And I dreamed of owning a magnificent mansion with all the perks.

I think that the day I entered high school is when reality hit me. During those four years I had 100 different goals and priorities for myself. I had to decide for my future as time went by. The decisions were hard to make as I was maturing and growing. Society has played a big part in what I should do with my life. For instance, my dad wants me to be a doctor or a lawyer because that is what society labels as “the big bucks.”

My priority in life right now is to get through college, maybe fine that “right guy”, and get a successful job. Pretty basic, I know, but with all the crazy priorities I have set in my life, this one just seems to fit right now.

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