The Keys to Critical Thinking essay

The autho’s quick to point out two crucial factors will be most important in determining who can and will make good business decisions in today market of strategies and how to turn a profit at all cost without risk, loss of productivity, manpower, motivation, and any other negative impact to the company. He focuses on the ability to make competent decisions and to have good leadership skills.

If we look at our business environment and how fast changes take place daily we expect a leader to be intelligent and able to make sound and fast decisions that can take their company in to the future at a level to compete with foreign and domestic industries. Just staying ahead of the competition is not good enough any more. Our companies want to corner and control the market and sometimes for mere greed.

Therefore a lot of pressure is placed on the executives to get the managers to perform and the mangers to get the employees to perform at peak performance, it is the only way because failure or slacking is not tolerated.

It is certainly possible for many leaders determination for success to be felt through the structure of his or her organizations and his or her wrath for less than normal performance. The companies now look for loyal employees who are intelligent as well as talented. These employees may be capable of multiple tasks and prove an asset to the company. He or she puts less strain on supervisors and allows upper management more time to converge on issues outside of the company such as issues on generating capital, recognition and new products.

There is always going to be issues about working together, with other departments such as job descriptions, the length of time it takes and who get credit for the complete product. Managers have to be able to resolved issues while still achieving maximum productivity and that changes with each supervisor, manager, director and executive.

Each leader has his or her own style of leadership and thought process for making decision. When you combine the years of experience they have coupled with bit and pieces of leadership attributes they have seen used by many leaders before them they select the pieces they think will make them better by incorporating these influences into their style of leadership.

I think the author made a strong point to say that the more time you as a leader spend supporting your team the more productive they will be. Also that if you provide them with the necessary tools and time to successfully complete their goals most likely the first time around you will have a complete product. This is the influence I would want to have on my people. When the leader makes his employee comfortable the stress that would normally be in the working environment is reduced.

The author also makes a comparison of the human mind and microchips leading us to believe that the microchip however complex will produce a decision that is true. That decision is not using all the information and surrounding element to give the best possible solution only added variable based on input to get a calculated result. The microchip was made by man and will always be limited to a logical output. There is nothing that can touch the human mind.

When we talk about complexity the mind continues to collect and process information while producing multiple decisions about any situation we call it choices. These choices are made using our entire surrounding. Many things are taken in consideration that affect and influence the decisions we make.

A good leader have all the pressure to make the right decisions for his or her organization and falls heavily upon the lower management to make things happen. Leaders demand and expect results and will sacrifice the few for the survival of many to meet the goals for company overall success.

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