Philosophical Statement essay

I believe that education is part of the winding journey life offers us. Consequently, as a future teacher, I think that we should offer students a knowledge that will benefit them for years to come. We, as teachers, should try to instill in our students a love for learning.

Teaching in this day in age is a challenging process, one that I fully embrace and look forward to. Through my course work, I have learned that a very effective way to teach is in a constructivist manner. This method, I believe, is especially effective in the field of math because there are so many students that do not truly understand the concepts they are taught. By teaching with hands on materials and encouraging students to discover new ideas on their own, I think that not only will the students have a better understanding of this subject but also a greater appreciation for it. Math is commonly brushed aside as too difficult. By changing how we teach math, students will realize the importance the subject holds in their lives and that it will help them in their future endeavors. It is my goal as a teacher to do as much as I can for my students and open their minds to new ideas.

While I believe it is extremely important for constructivism to be a critical part of teaching, I also realize the world we live in requires certain standards to be met. We want success for every student and this often means that every student must pass standardized tests. I believe it is also important to incorporate test preparation into my lessons. Students must also be prepared to be tested on the topics they are taught, and it is our responsibility as teachers to be sure they are properly equipped and ready for such exams.

I believe that through the combination of test preparation and a great emphasis on constructivism, our students will benefit the most. The purpose of education is to help a person have an open mind to new ideas and explanations. Through these methods, I believe this goal can be achieved. I personally will be sure, to the best of my ability, to carry such ideas out in my professional career.

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