Essay on Animals

In the beginning, God created humans, and animals, making us neither better, or worse. Yet people still test products on animals as if it were our right. There are ups and there are downs to this. I myself am not a supporter of this at all.

There are drugs out there that we are not allowed to intake. Do you know how they figured out the danger of these medications? They would experiment on different animals with different dosages. Animals do not deserve to die for us. Although it is important to know whether medications are dangerous or not, do they really need to test how much mouthwash a dog can drink before dying? It’s a waste of time and a waste of money which brings me to my next topic.

Money is thrown to repetitive experiments. This money could be used for many more important things such as preventable measures, education, and rehabilitation. But no, instead they test over and over again on animals who could be out of the lab doing what animals normally do. If the experiment was finished, it would obviously have an outcome, and most likely doing it again would have the same outcome. Why do we keep kicking a dead horse?

Humans feel this need to stay alive as long as possible, no matter what it takes. Our fear of death is killing tons of animals. If we want to live longer, we must work with the way of the world. Animals are part of our world! They are part of the environment that makes the world go around, and the healthiest way to live is normally without enhancing drugs or anything of that sort. Stop fearing death, and stop taking animals to their death.

Although I have said this is a bad thing, I know that it is quite unavoidable. It is a regrettable but unavoidable necessity. Since we have the intelligence to be able to test and experiment, we must, in order to further our education. Sometimes the only way to see what would happen is with the use of animals. But not always.

There are other alternatives to animal testing. When it comes to education, students can learn just as much from studying computers and robots. Digitally enhanced computer simulations and lifelike instructional robots work just as well as dissecting animals and organisms.

Animal testing should be looked down upon, and used as little as possible. If there is something else you can do, it should be done. Humans have no right to think that they are better than any animal.

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