Response Essay

The facilitating a group is a complicated process. A group is a basic unit of the human activity. Normally people in the group are united by the common task and the process to fulfill the job in order to gain the result which is actually a task itself. The anxiety is a very good factor motivating the group facilitator. A group is working successfully if it is a team. So, one of the key task of the group facilitator is to create a team. The main task in a team building is the motivation. According to the laws of nature the human being is motivated to defend his life, but what makes people go to war and risk their lives? The ideological motivation is higher than their natural instincts to defend their lives. A classic theory of the team motivation is expressed by Abraham Maslow in his “Hierarchy of Needs”. According to the classic theory, there are five principle layers of needs, beginning with the most basic physiological needs1. The second very important point is to realize to what extend the objective of the individual within the group coincides with the group mission. If the group mission is articulated properly it will not be too much difficult to formulate the objective of the group member. A brilliant American novelist Doctorow in his novel Ragtime described the way Henry Ford facilitated his workers. One of the workers installed the right front wheel of the car only. He’d been working like this all his life and he was proud of being the part of the team creating the car industry of America. He wanted to improve the production sincerely because he realized the grandiosity of the Henry Ford’s idea: “Each American should be able to buy Ford-T” of any color adding in a low voice “if it is black”.

He was proud of his contribution into the industrial power of America, though he worked on the newly introduced conveyer and did only one simple operation. His personal skills and mission coincided with the team mission completely. Self evaluation is very important for the group facilitator. It is naturally the group leader should realize his or her abilities and if the group leader is confident in own abilities the process will be smooth. One more very important factor in the team motivation is the challenge2. The human beings like animals are given the “fight or flight syndrome”3 When they realize the objective is real they take the challenge and fight. So, accordingly If the objective is unreal they run away. If the objective is explained as real the challenge will influence the team motivation greatly. Another factor that may facilitate the team performance is the atmosphere of the fellowship, i.e. inner group communication. This question is the question of the team ethics. All people are different according to their skills, temper, religions etc. If the group members realize they are working for the common aim and their individual goals depend upon the group performance it will not be too much difficult to create an appropriate spirit of the team. A factor that can facilitate the group members is the factor of sharing the responsibilities within the group. A group facilitator should consider that people tend to take more responsibilities. The aspiration to take more responsibilities is in human nature. If we take the distribution and redistribution of the shares within the enterprise we realize that all those stock exchange battles are the battles for the responsibilities. Is it a matter of money only?

Money is the tool. What made Bill Gates collect more shares of Microsoft thus becoming the richest man in the world? It is the aspiration to take more responsibilities, to realize his ambitious plans. So, if the group facilitator distributes the responsibilities within the team properly the members of the group are encouraged to do their best. The team conflicts are the factors that may destroy the joint activity completely. It is the duty of the group facilitator to exclude any basis for the possible conflicts. The conflicts of course are natural and inevitable part of group functioning. The art of a group facilitator is to settle the conflicts. At the same time it is easier to prevent conflicts within the group than to settle them. Facilitator should believe in success of the project and create the atmosphere of success within the team.

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