Essay on Republicans and Democrats

Republicans and Democrats both have their own views on different issues. The Republicans are usually favored by middle and upper class income earners, and professional business people. On the other hand, the Democrats are favored by manual worker and low income earners. Below are five issues and contrasting views.

The Republicans see the issue of crime as a very serious issue. They believe and feel that it is very important to increase the penalties associated with illegal drugs, such as ecstasy, while the Democrats favor legalization of certain drugs. The Republicans are strong supporters of an amendment to protect the right’s of victims involved in criminal acts. Democrats believe in personal freedoms such as gun ownership, as long as the owners are held responsible for any liabilities.

Abortion is a very serious issue in the U.S. today. The Republican’s view abortion as a crime. They support a human life amendment to the constitution and endorse legislation on the 14th amendment’s protections, which apply to unborn children. They will not, and do not fund organizations which support abortion in any way. The Democrats have a different view on the issue of abortion. They believe it is the women’s choice.

The U.S. is a very populous country. This falls into the category of immigration. The democrats on this issue oppose restricting immigration. “We’re a nation of immigrants”, however, in a way the Democrats are contradicting themselves because they do not promote illegal immigration. Most of the immigrants are not high class, and that is one of the reasons why the immigrants support the Democrats, because the Democrats have won them over. The Republicans believe in restricting immigration because most immigrants are not from “English-speaking countries”. They also want to “end bilingual education” in schools, which primarily has to do with the Spanish speakers.

The U.S. has many issues regarding the environment. The Republicans believe that economic prosperity and environmental protection must advance together. Economic and environmental needs should be consistent with the needs and desires of the people. The Republican’s want to increase domestic supplies such as coal, oil and natural gas. They support tax incentives for production of these natural resources. The Democrats favor conservation of energy and less exploration. They feel that the environment is at risk with increased emphasis on local production.

The Democrats are against any major tax reduction. They feel any reduction comes at the expense of the social security system and the need to pay down the national debt. Republican’s believe in simplifying the tax brackets and reducing the number to 4 from 5. This system reduces the taxes of the lower wage earners. They also favor doubling the child tax credit and eliminating the marriage penalty.

I am more of a Republican than a Democrat. I favor most of what the Republicans favor, on the issues of abortion, crime, environment and tax reduction. The only one I don’t favor, that the Republicans do is the issue of immigration. Some of the immigrants that migrate in the U.S., have no other choice than to come here, because of the hardships they were put through in their country. I do not support illegal immigration, but I don’t think legal immigration is a problem at all.

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