Statement of Purpose essay

I’m a budding scientist and I think one of the distinguishing characteristics is the diversity of experiences I possess.

I’m Cynthia Gershome from India. I have been working in one of India’s reputed Research and Development organisations, Dr. Reddy’s Research Foundation for the past two years. For the betterment of my academic credentials and to gain an in-depth understanding of Pharmacological sciences, I intend to pursue a PhD degree. My objective for graduate studies in Pharmacological sciences is to prepare myself for a career in research.

During these two years at Dr.Reddy’s research foundation, I found my work experience and laboratory training to be extremely rewarding. My learning curve has been boosted tremendously during my stint here. A broad spectrum of responsibilities have been assigned to me, some of which have been of research experience, includes screening out new chemical entities (NCEs) in both in vivo and invitro conditions. Our lab is involved in the in-depth studies concerning the actions of PPAR ligands at the cellular and sub-cellular levels. I was involved in standardizing protocols in the lab and executing experiments in primary hepatocyte culture and cancer cell lines like HepG2, HCT and other cell lines like 3T3L1, L6, THP-1 cell lines. Apart from this I have also been exposed to a fair amount of work in cell biology including immunoprecipitation, glucose uptake studies, enzyme assays like COX, CAT assay. Apart from this I have experience in animal handling and have screened NCE’s in various animal models such as db/db, ob/ob, Zucker fa/fa rats, ob-SAM, SAM, C57BL6 mice. Working at this level in an industrial milieu has convinced me to pursue my research as a viable career.

Among the several outcomes of our research endeavors has been a poster presented at the 62nd scientific session of American Diabetes Association meeting held at San Francisco (June 14-18,2002). It focussed on the novel antidiabetic compound DRF 2725.

I intend pursuing my Ph.D. in pharmacological sciences as a means of achieving this end.

In my undergraduate course I was exposed to comprehensive course work on core fields in Biochemistry. In my Master’s program, I chose Medical Biochemistry as my main course. There, I had the distinction of standing 2nd in the entire university. One experience was a project involving potential Thomsen-Fredienreich Antigen and or Alpha Galactoside containing Glycoproteins of Human plasma, which really fired up my mind towards research. Besides opening up the world of scientific research for me, I have been sensitized to possible shortcomings and pitfalls that I might encounter. Working independently for the most part on the project boosted my confidence, helping me in understanding various concepts pertaining to descriptive research on proteins. Work apart, my presentation skills were instrumental in giving me a competitive edge over my peers. I got a coveted opportunity to chair a symposium session on Nitric oxide in the Society of Biological Chemists (Pondicherry Chapter, Jan 2000). I would relish a chance to indulge my creative side and gain a deeper understanding of scientific research, given its dynamic nature.

Looking ahead, I would not hesitate seeing myself pursuing a career in quality research devoted to specifically understanding current problems that affect the health and lives of our society.

With these broad interests and specific goals, I am interested in the Graduate program in —at—- university. Being part of this school would help me become a successful researcher, as I believe the department has a positive blend of resources and attitude for shaping a student in to an excellent researcher. I am looking for. I would be highly indebted if I get an opportunity to explore my interests in cell biology and pharmacology.

I feel that these attributes, combined with a profound interest in the pharmacological sciences will ensure me success for me as a graduate student of — university if given an opportunity.

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