Essay on Atomic Bomb

Some people think that we should have dropped the bomb. Others say we should not have. Have you ever thought about the Atomic Bomb that killed 140,000 Japanese people?

Our scientist came up with the idea and made it happen. When the bomb went off the energy was so strong it would leave a shadow of you where you were standing. Your flesh just melts off you like ice cream on a hot day. The hair on your head melted so quickly you still think you have hair. This is what it was likeon, August 6, 1945 in Hiroshima, Japan.

A scientist named Albert Einstein was born in Germany and then moved to America.He had inside information about other Countries trying to manufacture an Atomic Bomb. In 1939 he informed President Franklin Roosevelt about the Bomb. A little time passed after World War Two started and Roosevelt ordered our government to come up with a laboratory to make Radio active weapons. This happed in Alamogordo, New
Mexico July 16, 1945. This is where the Manhattan project begins. It was run by a Doctor named Robert Opoenheimer.

Nuclear weapons are classified in two types of categories. One is fusion or hydrogen and the other fission or atomic. These Bombs get their massive distrusting power from a quick release of energy. This is caused by nuclear fission. Fission is created only if you cut apart an atom or take the nucleus out. When you do this you get enormous amount of energy.

When the bomb is activated the first thing that happens is that the nucleus moves away from the rest of the atom. Sub-atomic neutrons are then released which starts the chain reaction. Then more atoms start to do the same thing. This is the reason that nuclear bombs do so much more damage compared to a regular missile or bomb. To show the power, one Atomic Bomb is equal to about 12,000 tons of TNT. When one goes off tens of thousand of people die instantly.

In World War Two there were two atom bombs dropped on Japan. One was named Fat Man. Fat Man was detinated on Nagasaki. This bomb was an implosion device. Which means a chemical explosive surrounded the plutonium when it goes off it compress the plutonium and that is what starts the atomic bomb to be atomic. This is also called atomic fission which means the atoms breaking apart. The other type was called the gun-barrel method. It’s name was little boy which landedin Hiroshima.

What cause this nuclear device to go off? The explosion inside is like a gun going off. This made a piece of uranium go into another piece of uranium and that’s what causes the bomb to go off.

Still some people are thinking that we should have never made such a weapon, yet others think it is the greatest thing that happened to the world of war. Next time we get in a war with someone you will probably think about it a little?

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