Essay on Parallel Universes

A part of me believes that parallel universes are like TV stations, you know all the stations are there, but you don’t see the picture until you tune to the proper frequency. Therefore I partially believe that we are locked in on a certain frequency and do not see anything but our own broadcasting.

However I Mostly disagree with the idea of another me somewhere out there. When reading the article that you provided I just could not put that into the perspective that you wanted. I truly believe that each individual is unique, one-of-a-kind if you will. I do not believe there is another me out there typing this same paper as we speak. If there are around a billion people living on the Earth, and no two people look / act alike.

Then who are we to say that there is someone on one of the other billion planets out there who is the same as me, doing what I am doing at this exact moment? I will agree that there are probably identical planets out there, but none that are 100% the same in every aspect. They could have the same geological features and shapes, but the organisms and chemical make-ups could be totally different.

I really am a firm believer in individuality. I like so many other people on this planet hate to be compared to other individuals. This is because no two people are completely alike; they may have slight similarities but are totally different. In conclusion I do not believe the of the parallel universe theory that talks about exactly identical universes with the same planet, with the same organisms (i.e. identical people). I can see the possibility that somewhere out there there is a planet that has striking resemblance to our very own planet Earth, but nothing exactly the same.

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