The Color Purple essay

In the unique novel, The Color Purple, the author, Alice Walker, depicts the touching story of a poor black women in the southern United States and her relationships with the people around her. Pregnant twice at age fourteen, by her own “father”, Celie is sold by him to a cruel man named Albert. Celie is separated from her beloved sister. Albert uses her as a servant and flaunts his affair with Shug Avery.

The protagonist of the novel is Celie, an innocent black girl who faces tremendous conflicts such as sexual abuse and domestic violence. The antagonist of the story is Albert or as Celie calls him Mr._______, a cruel man who mistreats and verbally attacks Celie. At the beginning Celie tolerated his abuses and insults but when she finds out that he has been hiding nettie’s letters from her, Celie realizes that Albert is a wicked man and from there on the conflict between Albert and Celie begins.

The end of the conflict comes when Shug Avery tells Celie that god is everywhere and that he is not a white man but rather the real meaning of love. Thanks to Shug’s moral support, Celie becomes a stronger woman capable of confronting any type of problem. When Albert regrets having treated Celie the way he did, Celie is ready to let him see the kind of women she has become. Through this novel the author attempts to demonstrate that life is not always just and easy, and that we have to put up with it.

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