Essay on Domestic Abuse

Abuse is always a horrible thing, when it happens within a family it is even worse. Both mental and physical abuse within families is an epidemic throughout the country. A good solution to the problem would be to make the punishments for domestic abuse more severe. The punishments should be changed because people would think about it more before committing acts of abuse, people that do abuse would be more harshly punished, and abuse victims might tell someone about the abuse sooner.

If the punishments for domestic abuse were more severe, people would think about it more before committing abuse. Men and women who abuse their families are cowards as it is: the harder punishments would scare them. If a family is in an argument and one of the members of the family is about to use violence they may think more about the consequences of their actions. Also, people that have already been convicted for abuse should have to face even harsher punishments. Some people are arrested for domestic abuse and are eventually allowed to move back into the family. If a person knew they would not get another chance it would deter them from committing further acts of abuse against their families. They would know that if they were arrested for abuse again they would probably never live with their family again and they would be facing heavy jail time. If the punishments were more severe for abusing a family member people would think more about it and decide to make the right choice.

If people that are convicted of domestic abuse are punished more severely they will learn never to abuse again. Some people get mad at their wife or child and decide it is all right to beat them. Some people will abuse members of their own family for years and years without ever being in trouble for it. If they should somehow be arrested for abuse, many could hire a good lawyer and not even see any prison time. That is just not fair. People that abuse members of their own families should be severely punished for doing so. They should have to face multiple years in prison and be taken away from their families for a long period of time. If some father beats his children, he should be sent to prison for a long time where he could have plenty of abuse given to him. Also, if a husband gets real mad and beats his wife, even though he really loves her, he should be taken from her so he will learn that if he wants to be with his wife he has to treat her with respect. Punishing abuse offenders more severely will help teach them that they cannot abuse members of their family.

Some people are abused everyday and do not know what to do about it. They want help and want to tell someone, but they cannot because they are afraid of what the abuser may do to them. Some people think that if they tell someone and try to get help from the person that is hurting them, that person may kill them. People think that because if they tell someone and the abuser does get in trouble for it, the abuser could get right out of jail and kill them. If the punishments were more severe, people would come forward and tell someone quicker, because they would know that person is going to be going away for a long time and will not be able to hurt them. Many people want to get help but they are afraid, so they just keep being abused. A lot of people have been too afraid to say anything about their abuse, until it is too late and they are beaten into a coma or even worse, beaten to death. People should not be afraid to report abuse; the punishments need to change so they do not have to be.

Domestic abuse is terrible and people need to be punished appropriately for their crimes. Making the punishments for domestic abuse more severe would help everyone but the criminals committing the abuse. It seems pretty obvious that it is a good idea.

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