Reflective essay on Frankenstein

I am surprised that Mary Shelley started writing this novel in 1816 when she was just 19 years old. She was so young, but she wrote this story which shocked everyone. When I finished reading the novel, I sympathized with two lead roles of the story, Frankenstein and the Monster. Frankenstein lost his family and friends because the Monster who he created and abandoned, did a series of outrages for revenging himself on his creator.

Therefore, Frankenstein lost his happy family and lived under the shadow of this fiend. He felt cheerless and hopeless in life. Everything means nothing for him, except he longed for killing the Monster by his own hands. That’s reason why I pity for Frankenstein. In fact, Frankenstein’s initial dreams are that benefit mankind and create a race which would be grateful to him, but he suffered a series of tragedies.

However, when I read about the Monster’s story, which he was despised and attacked by people after his creator abandoned him. Actually, the Monster was good and pure, but people didn’t accept him and treated him as a horrible demon. He was lonely and despairing to live in the world, so the thought of revenge came into his mind. I think the Monster is also a victim who was created because of the proud scientist’s obsession for over-achieving. The Monster certainly wanted love and protection from his creator, but he had no idea why his creator abandoned himвwjust because of his ugly appearance.

I think Frankenstein should have taken responsibility for his creation and shouldn’t have abandoned him even though the Monster’s face is very dreadful. Victor was bound to educate, guide, and take care of him because he endowed with life. Actually, Frankenstein’s actions are related to the problem of morality. Did he have a right to create and abandon the creature? I believe the author, Mary Shelley, had given us the answer which we should think over.

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