Understanding The Prejudice essay

Being African-American, I have no time to be prejudiced against anyone or anything, yet I am aware of all types of prejudiced acts. Being in California as a child, I learned early that it is important to have an open to all types of cultures, beliefs, and people. Being so open minded I never thought I would be the victim of prejudice acts.

While playing in the pool my friends Sarah, Mikie, Chad, and I were all laughing and having the best time. As I played with my friend Sarah, a boy that was a few years older than us came over to join in. At first we were all just joking around and began to play Marco Polo. It was Sarah‘s turn to be it. As she went around yelling Marco, We all scattered and hid. Then it happened. As she got closer to one boy he just stood there smiling. Once Sarah caught him, he started to jump on Sarah her back and dunk her under the water. After watching for a while I could tell that Sarah was not having fun anymore, so I swam over to help her. It turns out that this particular boy liked her and was trying to flirt with her. Not knowing, I tried pulling him off of her.

Immediately he got upset with me, and out of nowhere, came a word so harsh I began to cry. He had called me the “N” word that rhymes with trigger. When Sarah heard what he had just said to me, she grabbed him by his ear and started punching him. Now he was mad at Sarah and got out of the pool and left. None of our other friends knew what was going on. Once my friend Chad found out he was ready to beat the guy up. Chad had a crush on me. But it got worse.

Later that afternoon, as Sarah and I walked around the apartment complex talking about what had happened earlier, the mother of the boy approached us from earlier. At first I wondered how she knew to approach Sarah and me, then I saw her son in the car. She yelled and cursed at us saying she did not appreciate what Sarah did to her son. As soon as I heard those words, without thinking, I began to yell back and her, and the tears began to weld back up in my eyes. Letting her know why Sarah did what she did, she looked at me in astonishment. After hearing the entire story, she apologized and said she would take care of her son and his mouth. Later that day I could not stop expressing my appreciation to Sarah. The next morning at the bus stop, I was afraid of what might happen between my newfound enemy and me. I was surprised with the outcome. At first I tried to act like I did not see him, but he saw me. When he first approached me, he stood there for a while, I guess not knowing what to say. Surprisingly he gave me a hug and apologized. After that, we never talked unless we had to.

From my experience, some parents like to keep their children locked in the house to keep them protected. By doing this, I believe that is depriving the children from learning. If my mother would have kept in the house, I would have never been able to experience that day and learn that the world is not perfect. I believe that being in one learning environment for the majority of ones life is not good for a child. Reason being is because when they are introduced to a new learning environment one may not be able to adapt to the changes. In spite of their parents children are more open minded than adults are. When a child begins to go to school they do not just play with the kid that look the way they do. They play with everyone. Many children enjoy the fact that they do not look like their friends. Being in an environment like this gives children a chance to learn more about each other everyday at school.

Today, although a few of the things that happen to me in the past hurt me, I never let people see that I hurt. Personally, when someone hurts me, all it does is strengthen my inner self. One good thing about growing up in a not so perfect world is the ability to be able to teach people that being different is one of the best things God could have done when he created this world. In doing so, he is teaching us that we are all his children, that he loves each of us the same way, and that we all have the same chances of getting into heaven. Life is all about growing up and learning, and at this moment I feel as though I have learned more than someone twice my age.

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