Homelessness essay

Homelessness is a serious problem that affects thousands of people each year. It’s a problem that the Government is committed to tackling more effectively each year.

Is is right that we should acknowledge the seruosness and extent of the problem-and the impact of homelessness. It is affecting society in many levels.

There are many cases of homelessess. There are those you make their on choice of becoming holeless because they don’t want to be a part of society. These people are usually lacking serious social skills. Then there are those you don’t make the choice of becoming homeless, but are forced to becoming homeless because of economis issues. These are the people that we need to help out financially.

The other people you make the choice of being homeless because they simply don’t want to support themselves…these are the people that need to recieve professional medical help.

We help these people everyday withour knowing. A portion of our taxes goes back to the community in many forms, and one form is helping out the homeless. We can also go out of our way to help the homeless by voluntering at shelters. There are many ways to give back to the community and give a helping hand to help form society.

I met his man who was homeless. Well, at least he calimed to be homeless, and i gave him a dollar. Later that day, i saw the same man walking to his BMW and driving away. I was puzzled. You can’t trust people anymore. Right when you think you’re doign the right thing, another person will take advantage of you. It happens everyday. We all work hard for our buck, and we need to know how to spend it wisely. I guess we need to have a better judgement of character.

In conclusion, we can help others, but we need to make sure that we’re helping the right people. If we help the wrong people, then more people will become homeless, but if we help the right people, then we can clear the streets of the homeless.

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