Brave New World essay

Aldous Huxley wrote Brave New World to show society about what he was afraid society was going to turn into in the future. Brave New World’s society was a society consisting of drugs, sex, and lies. To anyone who reads something about just that they would think that Brave New World’s society is a great society, but it isn’t. Brave New World’s society is all a fake world built upon lies. Drugs and sex are used to keep the people in the society from knowing the truth. These people are taught to take drugs when they feel any signs of problems and to have sex with anyone they want to. The problem with this society is that it is not a true society. Everything that everyone has ever learned is based on someone else’s opinion. For example, if Mustapha Mond wants everyone to believe that pigs used to rule the earth, everyone will believe him because he is the only one who can read literature and read about history.

I believe that Socrates is right about his thoughts of the universal truth. Socrates’ universal truth is that there is a definite right and wrong about everything. In this novel, just about every moral in Brave New World is wrong, and everything that is considered to be wrong is a moral issue in and sane society. In Brave New World the universal truth is brought out when John, the Savage, is introduced in the novel. He is someone who has a very moral mind, and he believes in what is right, not what he has been told to do. John is someone who can be described in today’s society as a leader, when everybody else is a follower.

Brave New World shows many truths about the theme Fate vs. Free Will. The first thing that this novel shows is that for every time there is fate, there is some sort of free will. For example, Brave New World is a society based on fate, but John and the savage reservation is free will. Everybody in Brave New World has been fated to do something. For example, this society uses the caste system. The Gammas and the Epsilons are made not as smart or as tall as the Alpha Pluses. The Gammas are fated to work for the Alphas and the Betas. My belief about free will in this novel is that there was only one person in Brave New World that had Free Will. John was the only person in the novel who had free will because he was the only person who was not originally affected by Brave New World’s society and therefore he could make his own decisions about things. If someone like Lenina or Henry Foster were put in the same situations that John was put in at the end of the novel they would just take soma to deal with their problems, but John was unique; he dealt with his problems his own ways. John’s ways of dealing with his problems might not have been the best way to deal with them, but they were what he wanted to do, not what somebody else told him to do.

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