Exchanging Cultural Products in Asia-Pacific region essay

Each country preserves different culture, and language; unlike European countries which are from similar cultural background, Asia is composed of countries of different languages, ideologies, and cultures, and even political structures. (some are democratic, authoritarian, socialist, etc). In Asian countries, until the early 90s, Hollywood culture, such as movies and music gained popularity in Asia(western culture overall) while Asian culture or lifestyle were regarded as inferior. However, as opportunities for Asian countries to interact with themselves increased, not only goods were traded between themselves but the entertainment products such as movies, and songs were exported and imported in the region. People in Asia were easily attracted to those entertainment products from other Asian countries since they share some common ideologies such as Confucianism which still applies to their everyday lives. This popularity, among the countries in Asia, helped to create common Asian culture which binds people with different ethnic backgrounds. The exchaning entertainment products influenced Asian countries economically, socially, and politically.

Exchanging cultural products between different countries led to the expansion of entertainment industry of the region which will eventually lead to the growth of the economy. Exporting one country’s products, such as movies, generates revenue, same as exporting other consumer commodities to foreign nations. Since demand for domestic movies, soap-operas and songs in foreign countries has been dramatically increased over the few years in Asia-Pacific region, the entertainment industry, the suppliers of those goods increased in number and expanded rapidly. The expansion of a sector requires large number of labors, and as a result, new jobs were created to meet the demand for the products. This, of course, led to the increase in GDP, and to the better living conditions for the people in Asia.

Trading entertainment products helped people in a country to understand others by grasping others’ culture through those items, and made them feel closer to each other. Even though one knows and hears about the United States, for example, s/he will not fully understand the society unless s/he do not know how people in the United States interact with each other, and what the American lifestyle is. In this case, the entertainment products will help to create some ideas on how the American culture is like. For Asian countries,the entertainment items help them to understand each other’s culture.

Political relationship among the Asian countries were improved by exchanging the cultural products among themselves. Understanding neighbors’ culture, and lifestyles, citizens of a country were able to know other societies in the region better. For example, people had more interest in Japanese culture in general after listening to some Japanese pop music. As people had better understanding onJapanese culture, the relationship between Japan and Korea has been improved. The understanding of other cultures led the countries to be inthe friendly relationships among one another.

Trading entertainment products in Asian countries has affected economic, social, and political spheres of lives. Creation of a common culture, did not only bind the people of different culture, but also created new job opportunities and better political relationship among themselves. Entertainment products, even though it was not viewed as important as other commodities goods before, have a huge influence on the society as a whole, and on the 21st Century, the role of entertainment items, such as movies, and songs will have a more impact on Asian countries.

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