Essay: Are Adults Able to Study?

According to experts, the ability to learn does not necessarily decline with age although it may be affected by hearing, sight losses or other changes in health, their capacity to grow intellectually and spiritually remains. In the following paragraphs, I will discuss the reason why motivation and capability for learning in children are higher than in adults.

The main characteristic that is often used to separate adults from children is their multiple roles. Being a student is typically not the major role of adults. Many adults manipulate the roles of parent, spouse, homemaker, employee consequently, they do not well concentrate with scattered thoughts, personal worries, stress and anxiety at the work , financial problems . On the other hand, they have not time to start new hobbies and entertainments such as learning any kind of musical instruments or painting.

However, since adults have lived longer and, in general, have had a variety of experiences in real life ,they have various outlooks on life. In addition , they have some external motivators such as increased salaries or promotions , internal needs, such as self-esteem, recognition, better quality of life, greater self-confidence, and self-actualization that all of them influence learning process for instance, learning another language provides good opportunities for mission in foreign countries and get familiar with their cultures .

In general, I think adult students need a significant amount of academic support.

They should be given the opportunities for learning through specific programs to improve their abilities and taking up new interests as pace as children.

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