Television Changed my Family essay

Television has been changing my family for several reasons. Today’s family spend a lot of time watching tv. Although watching tv can be a source of information and recreation, it can bring a lot of problems to the families. First of all, watching tv, children can learn violence and violen ways to express their aggression.

Children want to imitate the violence they watch on tv. unfortunately, today’s programs offer fantstic sights and impossibilities that are not real, such as people flying in the air. as a result, children don’t want to watch the old -fashioned cartoons, such as the flinstones; they want to watch famous cartoons, such as power ranger and pokemon. These cartoons onlu offers fights, unreal thing, beautiful and magical guns, etc.

Secondly, today’s families are separated because when they have some time free, they want to spend this time watching tv. For example, families want to watch tv when they eat dinner or some other meal. parents and children don’t want to lose any program. A family’s evening reunion is different from a long time ago because instead of everybody talking, they have the the tv on. They think that tv is part of them. When i get home, the first thing that i relax is by turning on the tv. Another obstacle to family union/unity that is not appropriate for the family is watching tv while the students are doing their homework. Finally, tv brings some marriage problems because spouses pay more attention to the tv than to each other. For instance, when a spouse tries to tell some problems to the other spouse, communication wouldn’t happen because watching tv has the major priority at home.

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