Essay on Technology and its Affects against Today’s Students

The task of reading has broken itself from students and the younger generation. In today’s world; however, schools are requiring students to read literature in every grade. This has become an important factor in continuing reading and allowing us to persevere today’s teenagers to read. Today’s society has been overwhelmed by the use of technology.

Computers, television, and radios seem to have taken over our world. We no longer read the paper, we watch the news. The children of today’s society are becoming less interested in reading, and more interested in technology. This is the main reason why I developed a loss for reading literature.

Since I started school, I’ve never been one to be adept at reading. Unlike my sister who loved to read books during elementary and junior high school, I ignored books until we had to read them for a class. When I was six years old, I was infatuated with wanting a computer. To this day, I still do not know why I wanted one; however, at age six, my parents purchased my first computer. Since the 1st grade, I’ve gone through many computers and I know that technology has been one of the main reasons why I have decreased in reading books. In junior high school and high school I was always in the higher English/reading courses; however, those were the only times I read. I never read because I enjoyed to, I only did because I was forced to read. I believe that the technique used in classes today is very important because it forces teens and children to read. Technology has been booming and has become much more popular since the time I was in elementary school and I believe today’s education leaders must promote reading in a heavier fashion. In my judgment, the method used in today’s classrooms is very constructive, but hopefully a level of promotion will continue.

The period of time it took for me to actually enjoy reading was a very extensive phase. My life has been accustomed to looking at and reading textbooks, I felt like I already did enough reading and did not have to read books. My sophomore year in Honors English II allowed me to really appreciate reading. I would read books all throughout my career as a student, but in that class I realized there was really something in reading that caught my attention. It started when I read The Grapes of Wrath and The Great Gatsby. Both are phenomenal novels that really intrigue me. Our teacher forced us to read as many as fifty to sixty pages in one night. The students and I were outraged, but all in all our teacher proved to many students that reading literature is something that can be included in our daily lives.

My senior year in high school is when I started to read the local newspaper on a daily basis. I had a crave for reading about what is going on in the world and wanted to always try and stay on top of the current local, national, and world statuses. Since college has started, I now try to read at least three different newspapers a day.

My current evaluation on reading literature in my leisure time is probably not one that is great. I currently run an internet business (which is my job), go to class, and study. My time schedule has been very tight in the past year. This may sound quite common, but I truly am at a position where reading literature for leisure is not a task that is a high priority for my situation. Although, I am a firm believer in reading, my available reading time has decreased. My time is spent four to five hours a day doing work for my business, going to class, and spending the rest on studying. This leaves very little time for me to have a leisure spot in my schedule for reading. However, I stress that I strongly believe reading literature is an important task in life and is necessary to succeed. I am an avid believer that reading not only relaxes you, but provides you experience, intelligence, and understanding which can always help, no matter the age.

Overall, I have fallen into the category of the typical person who does not have time to spend reading. I do enjoy reading, but my excuse falls in the range of not having the time. The main reason I give for our country’s teenagers/children not reading is the same reason I give myself, technology.

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