Essay on Teenagers and Coffee

When waking up in the morning the first thing any teen does is push the snooze button. Why does seven o’clock have to come so early? While dragging themselves out of bed they try to find something to wake them up. First, they head to the bathroom to take a nice hot shower in hopes that this will do the trick.

Soon after, though, they realize it didn’t. So instead, they head to the kitchen to pour themselves a hot cup of coffee. Ah, the morning wake up call. They are now ready to go through the day. What’s brought fourth this obsession with teens? Perhaps it’s because they have watched their parents drink it in the mornings, or maybe it’s a way for teenagers to socialize. Also, due to the increase in coffee drinking among teens, the side-effects affect teens astronomically.

There are many reasons why teens are drawn to coffee. One reason may be that kids have grown up watching their role models, parents, wake up with a freshly brewed cup of coffee. The curiosity in the kids of this generation beckons them to find out why their parents like it so much. They begin to explore different types of coffee until they find something they enjoy. The ability to experiment is important, and, like their parents, they often become “addicted”. However, the “addiction” can’t completely be attributed to the parents. Teens are targeted by coffee industries around the world because of their expendable funds and their desire to spend it on just about anything.

In addition, moving into the 21st century, teens in their higher years (sixteen through nineteen) have needed to find their own spot to “chill”. They also want to portray an image of maturity, and coffee (often associated with college students) is a hip way of doing it. Coffeehouses offer a relaxing atmosphere, social hours with friends, and massive cups of coffee loaded with caffeine. Starbucks, an internationally known coffee chain, makes drinks that are appealing to teens that have little coffee in them at all. Who could resist a frozen shake with a dash of a wake-up call?

Teens use coffee to keep them up for a late night of studying, but they also use it to wake themselves up after their short night of sleep. The next night they may not be able to find sleep, no matter how tired they are, because of this overload of caffeine. Also, caffeine is known to speed up your heart rate, therefore making it work harder. It can give you a jittery feeling or a slight nervousness. When some people don’t get their daily intake of coffee they may be slightly moody. This is one sign of a caffeine addiction. Caffeine is believed to make it hard for your body to absorb calcium. Everyone knows the importance of calcium for strengthening and developing bones, so if this occurs in growing teenagers, it may lead to a stunted growth or weakened bones. Too much coffee can also contribute to irritability, depression, diarrhea, insomnia, and other disorders.

Coffee can be a wonderful thing to a teenager. It is something they have watched their parents drink morning after morning, and not only that, it is a way to socialize, and is a good way to load up on caffeine, but what about the downside? Stunted growth, shakiness, and insomnia are some of the more prominent effects, but not all of them. Coffee may be popular, but its side effects aren’t. Next time you’re in line for the cappuccino machine, remember that you may be getting more than you bargained for.

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