Teen Pregnancy essay

Teen Pregnancy is a huge issue that effects many families in the United States. An average of one million teen girls in the united states get pregnant, and that is the ages between 12-17. Also eighty -three percent of these pregnancies are to poor or low income families. Statistics have shown that seventy- eight percent of these pregnancies were unplanned and four out of ten were aborted. Although the numbers have plunged from five years ago, these numbers are still high. The National Campaign, according to PPGG (Planned Parenthood Golden Gate) made a goal to cut teen pregnancies by one third between 1996 and 2005.

Although this goal has not been reached yet, the numbers are steadily declining. What brings my attention and concern to this matter is the trend following it. Meaning, many younger girls are thinking it’s “in” to have children at a younger age and in result many girls are having babies at a very young age. In result of this, more and more girls are getting a lower education due to them dropping out of school. Also many girls are having lower expectations for them selves and there lives.

A recent toll was taken showing only about five percent of teen moms go on to get a collage degree. If that’s not shocking, more than half of teen moms go on to having a second child following the first. But the issue that concerns me the greatest is the fact that four out of ten pregnancies are aborted. This might not sound like much,but when said in the thousands it is a very high number. It seems as if most teen girls rely on abortion as birth control rather than the pill or other contraceptives. It is shown that only a small percent of teen girls use and/or rely on condoms or other sources of contraceptives. This alarms me a great deal for another reason……A……I……D……S! It seems to me they are not even taking in mind infections and diseases ALONG with pregnancy.

Since 1995 teen pregnancies have declined about twenty sum percent till now. This number is good but should be a lot higher. Through the years the schools have been teaching kids about awareness and safe sex. Lately, maybe the past five years or so they have been more open regarding this subject. Also they (schools etc.) have been open about education regarding all types of contraceptives and birth control. Since this the numbers, as I said, have plunged a bit. If education about this matter is spread out more and the awareness about diseases is also brought up, the numbers of teen pregnancies will drop along with it.

Even though this is a very touchy matter to many, it is one that must be called to the publics attention and addressed. As with sweeping dirt under a rug for example, the more you sweep the under the rug the more it accumulates, then the problem becomes so big it becomes unbearable to manage. The same applies with the situation regarding teen pregnancy, the sooner we educate and plan for the future, the sooner this epidemic will come to a screeching hult. The static’s show that more that a quarter of the pregnancies in the united states are to teen girls. If we were to address this issue as a national issue (as it is) we can stop problems before they even start. Such as housing problems, money problems, and most importantly many teens futures. As it is said “The kids are our future!” so lets take that in mind and give a old problem its long deserving resolution.

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