History of Business Engineering essay

History of Hewlett and Packard began in a garage located in Palo Alto, California between 1934 and 1939 with the invention of the HP200A audio oscillator. In 1966, HP introduced their first computer; the HP2116A had an early version of “plug and play” interface. The HP2116A was the largest computer package built by HP to date and consisted of the first integrated circuits. In 1982, HP made advances in computing when they introduced the HP9000 computer with 32bit technology. The HP9000 was a desktop computer and as powerful as the room-size HP2116A. On May 3, 2002 Compaq and HP merge to form the largest tech merger in history, 88,000 employees and an annual revenue of 45.2 billion. The HP 9000 computer is still being used today after 21 years. New systems include Itanium-based 64bit servers, which HP holds the #1 spot worldwide in sales. Hewlett and Packard manufacture their own hardware for the hp-ux operating system used in our HP servers. We purchased several models of the HP workstations, the xw8000 operates on a 2.8 GHz Xeon processor and costs range from $13,000 and the zx6000 models run twin Itanium 2.1 GHz processors cost around $34,000 each. All models have outstanding tech support with the standard support we have three options, Priority Plus On-Site Support (24 x 7), Priority On-Site Support (8 x 5), Next Business Day. The mission critical support services include five options, business continuity support, critical systems support, personalized systems support, storage support and telecom critical support. There are software and driver download sites and software upgrade sites. Business engineering has taken place within the State of Hawaii, Department of Defense in the past. A revised computer system, called the Reserve Component Automation System (RCAS) was installed in the late 1990s. RCAS was designed by Boeing Information Services to support administrative and mobilization requirements. Revised RCAS changes would cut costs by approximately $1 billion and led to the development of a secure, scalable, common operating system. RCAS uses a wide area network (WAN) that connects the National Guard and Reserve Components in all 50 states and its U.S. territories. RCAS systems use commercial off-the-shelf hardware and government off-the-shelf software. The systems utilize satellites and other means to connect to servers and use security programs to monitor network usage and unauthorized attempts to collect or change data. Integrated databases use HP 9000 servers running HP UNIX, while external databases use Windows NT and a variety of DBMSs such as Oracle and IBM’s DB2. I was born in Bath, Maine on September 9, 1957. I have four brothers and one sister and I am the oldest. I have had a hard life and reflect back when I was younger. My family was poor and we lived in a lot of different houses and moved from state to state once every year or so. Most of my life I worked in the mechanical fields and learned a lot from my uncle and my grandfather. Ever since I join the National Guard in August 1977 I have progress in the mechanical field and I keep making my life better in one-way or the other. I moved to Hawaii in 1980 and worked for a refrigeration company. In 1982 I got a job with the Board of Water Supply and work there for 10 years as a Pipe Fitter. I met my future wife during the same time and we started dating and going to the races as I built and drove stock cars in from the 1978 and I continued racing when I moved to Hawaii. My wife and I got married in 1982 and our daughter was born on May 16, 1993. We then wanted a son to finish out our plans as a family and our son was born on February 28, 1987. In 1991, I got a job with the State Department of Defense, Hawaii Army National Guard, as an automotive worker and I have been there ever since. In February 2002, I decided to go back to school and get a degree in Information Technology to help me progress into a different career and hopefully get a better job one day. I am an active member in the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE 1213), and I was elected as the Executive Vice President, in the early part of 2002. I currently have over 25 years in the guard and my present rank is Sergeant First-Class in charge of the headquarters platoon of Alpha Company, 29th Support Battalion.

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