Essay on Government Control over Equality

Governments cannot control the equality of people. The rights of people are often abused by governments. People do have the right to stand up for themselves. The equality of people establishes their own individuality. Governments cannot take away mankind’s individualism.

People need to have a human rights committee. Human rights equality is the essence of individualism. Human rights govern the structuring of governments. Human rights committees restrict government’s powers over equality and preserves human dignity (Rajadhyaksha 1 of 3). Governments want to control equality by enforcing handicaps on individuals, and by making people identical. Human rights committee’s monitors’ government control and strike balances between governments and individuals.

People who are equal or identical often lack individualism. Equality does not make a perfect world and imposes burdens on lives. George and Hazel Bergeron both are equal and both have handicaps put on them to keep them identical. Mr. and Mrs. Bergeron are not allowed to have an individual thought; but for only a few seconds. Harrison Bergeron, their son, the government took away (Vonnegut 575). Because he is very smart, he takes individual action against the government. Harrison Bergeron desires to retain his individualism.
People need equality without being identical to others. Harrison Bergeron had self-determination. He overthrew the government and removed his handicaps. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights explicitly sanctions rights (Rajadhyaksha 1 of 3). The Declaration also provides for individual complaints against government.

People’s lives are affected by government control. The ballerinas are burdened with sash weights and have to wear masks (Vonnegut 575). The government does not prefer one ballerina better than another ballerina. George Bergeron has a mental handicap radio in his head that sets off a loud noise every few seconds.

Bergeron also has 47 pounds of birdshot strapped to his neck and can be jailed if he takes it off. People cannot live a life of despair because of government control.

Governments should not be allowed to dictate the equality of people. Diana Moon Glampers, the handicap general, actually killed Harrison Bergeron for attempting to be an individual (Vonnegut 578a). Glampers also enforced musicians to put on handicaps. The International covenant for economic, social, and cultural rights abolish the death penalty and embody moral and political values. Governments have to report to human rights committees and comply with recommendations made by the committees. States necessitate ratifying such covenants in order for governments to be bound to human rights.

Governments take away human rights that people need to survive. Violations by the governments on the basis of gender, religion, and culture need to be justified. People need to have covenants such as; the International Covenant on civil and political rights implemented. Human rights committees are the driving force behind the covenants. Because of these committees, people are able to limit governments control over equality.

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