Essay on Effects of IT on Working Conditions

Today’s society deals with many times more information than at any other time In history that’s why today’s society is called the Information Age. The amount of information is growing at a rapid constant rate that’s does not seem like it is going to slow down in the future. Many people thing that information is more important than natural resources as a source of social and economical power. If people are going to survive in this society, they will need to have access to information and know how to use this intelligently. In the past few centuries, great advances have been made in our ability to process information. Some of the major developments are the printing pres, photography, telephones, computers and the Internet. People are quickly adapting to the latest developments in technology.

Effects Of IT on Working Conditions
Information Technology is a very rapidly growing industry. Its development has been widely reflected in all society .In today’s world all businesses from small to large have some sort of Technology within their business. It plays a vital part in our society. In our daily lifecycle we get information from books, newspapers, people, television, radio, computers and the Internet.

Prior to the growth of information technology people used to work out of their home. They would have owned and operated their own tools, machines to produce the goods for sales and trades. They used to put in the hard work. Then in the LATE 80”s the industries started to take a dramatic change and started to bring in significant changes to the organization which started to change the philosophy of work. The revolution began when people started to control machines to do their work. When this started it had its added advantage as well. It was enabled to make human life easier to work with.

By the development of Technology it has had its good effects and bad effects on the individual persons working conditions. When this revolution began people started to talk and say that by the invention of computers it will help develop the efficiency and in a way take over certain responsibilities that people used to have to free up time. There is no doubt that it has improved some peoples’ standard of living.

Organizations have adopted the use of Technology to save time and effort. It also will increase the output and also develop new products and ultimately save money. For example the banking industry has changed with the use of plastic cards. People use to go to the banks and wait inline to get money out with their passbooks that will get stamped at the end of the transactions. In today’s society we just go to an ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) and withdraw the money out with a receipt for the balance. Banks have also started to use the Internet for information and transactions. People can pay bills and review their account details and do much more with their account with just a click of a button.

A lot of businesses have adopted the use of software programs such as word processing, spreadsheets and databases to make their business more efficient. Employees are expected to be more knowledge focused with these software tools. The printing industry has become more computerized by using more word processing and desktop publishing software, which has revolutionized the way documents are published.

The education industry has gained the use of IT in a widespread area to educate the students and also communicated with others. The teachers and students have access to a range of software’s’ to improve their learning and get current information from the internet by the use of computers.

Governments now store and analyze great amounts of information using information technology. This allows them to provide better services to the community and plan for the future.

The use of voice mail, facsimile, mobile phones, pagers, email an video-conferencing are widely used to communicate with each other, and information which will be accessed through the internet.

Designers use the program called CAD (computer aided design) to produce their drawing of products. This allows the designers to visualize the product in many different ways.

Different industries have different effects of Information Technology on working conditions as shown above.
When new technology is introduced, its impact does not always react to a positive side for every one. There will always be some advantages and some disadvantages for people. For example that the ATM system that the banks use as an example. Although it makes some peoples life easier it also makes other peoples life harder. Elderly people within the community may find it hard to use the technology. It may be for the reason that they are slower to catch on with the new technology; this might lead them to some one guiding them through the process. Some people do not enjoy the use of technology they prefer the more personal service. In other case, a benefit to the organization may lead to a disadvantage for individuals. It can be said that if new Information technology increases productivity it can lead to staff redundancies.

With the introduction of information technology people have been forced by themselves to learn new skills in running their daily lives. Individuals need access to information and for this reason they need to be more aware and smarter in using information technology. In today’s society if you do not have access to getting information or is unable to use technology, the will be heavily disadvantaged.

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