Underage Drinking essay

My report is on underage drinking and on the causes of underage drinking. In this report I will explain the underling cause of why people consume alcohol under the age of 21and I will also share some statistics on what happens to people who drink under the age of 21. In this report you will find several different facts that I got off the internet or I got from interviewing people in person no matter where I may have gotten these facts you will find that they all lead to one thing and that is either death or destruction. I will also share some of the different drinking ages around the world with you and you will also find that many of those people who are telling you they drink do to peer pressure or to fit in chances are that they are using it for an easy way out because most studies will support the fact that young people are drinking do to other causes and they don’t include peer pressure I am not saying that this is the case everywhere but it is the case the majority of the time.

Most people ask why underage drinking is such a problem here in the United States and they also want to know what they can do about it but yet those same people can go out and have a drink every night and that is ok. Those same people can also buy alcohol for minors and never think twice so let me ask you where is the problem.

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