The Agriculture Revolution essay

The Agriculture revolutoion was a great part of the food that we own today. It alsi contributed to the nutritions and the great foods we eat today. but the Agriculture revolution also a cause to the deaths of a lot of peopel and the lower status of women.

Agriculture made women have more kids and have more responsibilites and the people who did agriculture were diseased. Becaause it woudl take a huge amount of work to do agriculture so people would get sick and the diseases would spread which would lead to the deaths of a population.

So as one can see Agriculture was not only good to society but it was also really bad because it was because of agriculture that we have so many great varieties of food to eat but at the same time agriclture is the real cause of such a great declien in the popultion in the Middle Ages and even before that and even today.

The Agriculture revolution was also a great cause of the caos that we have today with running around everywhere. Todays society is so busy for their families and work is such a huge part in the lives of people.

Before the Agriculture revolution began, people didn’t really do much they would hunt and gather and amongst other things but they would spend more tiem with their families. Agriculture even broguht a great part to the Trade of many societies. If it wasn’t for not so much trade would have been going on and that would have lead to less fighting between groups and kings and lords because of the amount of money that they owned amongst other things.

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