Essay on Persuasive Argument on Education

Throughout the history of mankind, we have all some how been educated in many ways. Education is what all students, that are going to school, should be receiving. But unfortunately, some don’t get the education they should be acquiring due to many reasons. My purpose on speaking to each and every one of you is to inform you on the many reasons why students aren’t obtaining the education they should be getting.

One of the many reasons is schools being overcrowded. The states average class size is 23 to 27 students depending on the grade level. But as we speak right now, there are classes well above the state average, classes reaching up to 33 to 37 students. With schools being overcrowded, students do not get the attention they should receive and do poorly on report cards as a result to this. I think that more schools should be constructed or add more buildings to existing schools and by doing that be able to hire more teachers in order to reduce the size of students in a classroom.

Another reason why students aren’t receiving the education they should be getting is due to teachers that lack-interest of the well being of students. From past experience, there is such thing. Teachers now a day just don’t care as long as they are getting paid. They hand out the work that you are required to do and tell you when it is due. This is no way to learn anything in this country. Teachers should be hired because of their motivation towards teaching. Teachers should be able to motivate students to learn more than what they should already know. By this being done, students would enjoy going to school and drug-related problems and school killings might not occur.

A third reason is the lack of school supplies/materials for the students and staff members. I personally have been in classes that I had to share a book with three people because there wasn’t enough books for the whole class, which consisted about 36 students. In my current school, the students have to ask permission before printing anything, due to the lack of paper and ink for the printers, and if it is not school related, you are not allowed to print it out. I think that of school supplies/materials for the students and staff members should just be given to schools for either free or a lower price then what is paid for.

In conclusion, I think the money that is given, funded, and raised for schools should be spent wisely, not on things that are not necessary. I think that sport teams, clubs, and bands aren’t really necessary. All the money spent on those things can be use for textbooks, paper, writing materials, and computers that actually work. I hope I have some how made you realize that schools today aren’t what they really should be.

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